Aiden Aspen - The Teacher's Pet 2


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Petite, adorable brunette bombshell Remy Lacroix wants to have her asshole expanded, and horny stud is happy to oblige! Remy peels off the tight cotton leggings her plump ass is packed into as she walks on a treadmill, her jiggly buns swaying from side to side. The all-natural cutie spreads her cheeks to reveal her puckered bunghole. Performer orally worships her ass and pussy; Remy rams several toys as well as a medical speculum up her butt. Soon this sweet slut is taking a hard anal plundering... and gulping down a load of sperm.

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Joey Silvera, Nacho Vidal

Evil Angel

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Evil Angel

Aiden Aspen - Stretch Class 11

Aiden Aspen - Stretch Class 11

26th May - Statuesque, gorgeous and extremely voluptuous, Alison Tyler arrives at Buttman's place wearing skintight white leggings that outline her ass crack and enticing cameltoe. This Amazon beauty has come to stretch her sexual boundaries and tease the director to the point of insanity! He pushes his nose between Alison's cotton-covered butt cheeks, inhaling deeply. She preens, poses, tweaks her nipples and binds her big, all-natural boobs with vinyl tape. She even sucks on her own pretty toes and droolingly deep-throats large, mirror-mounted dildos. Alison masturbates, invading her big ass with various, bizarre anal toys - including a vibrating massager - until she climaxes. ...Read More
Evil Angel


Aiden Aspen - Southern Belle in her first hardcore bondage experience Abused, made to cum, and wrist suspended.

Aiden Aspen - Hog Tied

26th October - Southern belle is bound, stripped in her first hardcore bondage experience. Flogged, spanked nipple clamped & made to cum, wrist suspended at the end!
Aiden Aspen - Interracial Blowbang

Aiden Aspen - Interracial Blowbang

7th August - Growing up the black man was always told never to trust a cracker. My crew and I were a little skeptical when Aiden Aspen volunteered to make our group meeting a little whiter. I felt like calling bullshit on her but was willing to give the white devil the benefit of the doubt. Aiden showed up in clothing that drew the attention of every angry brotha in the room. She told us that she was there to attempt to right the wrongs her ancestors bestowed upon ours. The blonde slut made good on her promise by paying special attention to the big black cocks now facing her direction. Aiden teased the black man before accepting his black anaconda down her mouth. Those free hands of hers stroked every foot of black meat in that vicinity until she was bent over and had us bust a train on that white ass. This little bitch was screaming her lungs out as my boys and I did our damage to her fuck box. Aiden begged and pleaded with us to drench her face with South Central semen. Needless to say, race relations between us and "them" keep getting better with ever interracial blowbang. ...Read More
Aiden Aspen - Cuckold Sessions

Aiden Aspen - Cuckold Sessions

5th January - Basketball to white girls is like kryptonite to Superman. It inevitably brings them both to their knees. Aiden Aspen was out watching her twink-like boyfriend shoot some hoops. Her attention was diverted when Jack Napier and Shane Diesel showed up to school the young man. She wanted to play with their balls and not the orange one her loser lover was palming. It was only a matter of time before Aiden forget about monogamy so she could throw herself into an interracial sex rendezvous. Like a pathetic dog, her boyfriend followed in hopes he could talk her out of it. Once at home Aiden forced her cuckold to sit back and watch how a white girl wants to get fucked. She tried wrapping her tiny white hands around those big black hoses as a shameless cracker looked on. Next, Aiden opened her mouth wide enough so that her neck wouldn't snap from the massive anacondas now taking up space in her mouth. The pussy rings on Aiden might as well be a blinking light claiming, "For big black cocks, only!" That's exactly what she got when Shane and Jack took turns slowly stretching out her white fuck hole. Her screams would have ruptures her man's eardrums had their been no black cock lodged down her throat. Aiden's cuckold's dinner bell rang when both black bulls unleashed a tidal wave on her stomach for the loser to chow down on. Aiden's body will never be the same and neither will her boyfriend's mental state. ...Read More
Evil Angel

Aiden Aspen - Guidance Counselor Confidential: Fisting a Milf in Bondage, Machine Fucking a Rookie in the Ass

Aiden Aspen - Fucking Machines

29th February - MILF professional seduces her co-ed client - 69, machines, Sybian, FISTING, bondage & orgasms that only a skilled woman can rip out of a other girl.
Aiden Aspen - Pink Nipples Pink Pussy

Aiden Aspen - Facial Fest

3rd August - Aiden Aspen is cutie who's ready to have her pink pussy fucked the right way. After talking a while about how hot her mom is Preston is ready to fuck and Aiden opens wide. It's Aidens first time filming and she has no reservations. She's got nice and natural tits and a great body to match. Once she starts to suck cock it's hard to look away. She's a master. Pink nipples and pink pussy's are my favorite for sure! She's blonde and has a great smile, but what I love about Aiden the most is her skills fucking. You can never judge a book by it's cover and when Ms Aspen speaks she seems like your regular small town hottie, but once she's naked it's a whole different ball game. Enjoy! ...Read More